Thank you and stay tuned!!

As Banner Bold we are happy to announce that we are open for submissions! Visit our “Submit” page to learn how to turn in your work. Unsure about anything? Visit our “Rules” page, or head to room 172. This will be updated when we are done with our editing and ready to give out the…

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Top pieces of each category win awards!! GRAND PRIZE (only one grand prize): $300 CASH! First Prize (Each Category): $150 Cash! Second Prize (Each Category): $75 Cash!

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Note: Submissions do not have to be based on the prompts Describe your favorite space to be in and why. Write about your concept of personal space. Write about your experience[s] and outlooks on solitude. Write about your experience[s] and outlooks in regards to a community or a group you have been apart of. Write…

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